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  • Name: Cas9 Nuclease
  • Number: EN301
  • 币种: 美元
    • SIZE: 50 pmol 250 pmol

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Cas9 Nuclease

Fig. 1. Analysis of 11 kb dsDNA cutting with Cas9 Nuclease by agarose electrophoresis.


Cas9 Nuclease is a double-strand DNA endonuclease that uses a single guide RNA (sgRNA) to specify the site of cleavage. sgRNA contains complementary region for specific DNA binding, and can lead the Cas9 Nuclease to the target DNA. Cas9 Nuclease contains two nuclease domains, which can cut each strand of DNA duplex to produce double strand break. The cutting site locates at 3 bp from NGGPAM of the complementary region of target DNA.


EN301-01 (50 pmol)

EN301-02 (250 pmol)

Cas9 Nuclease

50 µl

250 µl

Cas9 Nuclease Reaction Buffer (10×)

1 ml

1 ml


All components should be stored at -20

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